Painter artist studio

Artiste peintreSylvie Marcillaud, Painter artist in Thiviers

Back in the Dordogne in 1991, she moved to Thiviers, she devoted herself to painting in her studio or she also receives visitors, and teaches painting.

Rue du Pont Fermier

05 53 62 57 94



Savignac-Ledrier Forge

29 km - 30 mn


Savignac-Lédrier Forge occupies a background of green valley Auvézère, dominated by a Renaissance castle recalling the noble origin of its first owners. The entire site, culminating in the fall amply curved river, found the road to the village of Savignac, offers one of the most expressive and most rewarding of Périgord.

This forge was among the ironworks wood which, under the old regime, producing cast iron and iron using a blast furnace and a refinery. The plant operation based on the use of water power and the use of a peasant labor, only in winter.forges-savignac2

Discover, free or guided, an unknown face in the history of Périgord. Originally built, around 1521, the forge, listed historical monument, is a unique vestige of this activity in an exceptional landscape setting.

Free activity:
A walk of discovery takes place on the shady banks of Auvézère, punctuated by "stations" of the sculptor Michel Brand, offering a creative vision and documentary location. The route of the trail offers breathtaking views of the forge, the castle,  Auvézère falls. It is freely accessible and safe. (About 30/40 minutes)

forges-savignac1Welcome / Tours / information:
June-July - August - September 14h to 18 h
Closed morning
Guided tours: 14h45 - 16h - 17h15 - including Sunday

Forge de Savignac-Lédrier - 24270 Savignac-Lédrier
Tel O5 53 62 50 06 & 05 53 52 75 59



Paper Mill of Vaux


28 km- 30mnpapeterie-vaux

Stationery Vaux, in the municipality of Payzac is located on the stream of "Beautiful Women", a tributary of the left bank of the Auvézère on the old ironworks site, known since the early seventeenth century.
Between the waterfall on clusters of granite rocks, the inviolate stature of the chimney, the movement found two ancient water wheels and a preserved landscape environment, stationery Vaux, listed historical monument, is a place that we can not forget. The Vaux plant is the latest in France, and in Europe, to present a production chain intact at that time.

Open from May 1 to November 1 from 10 am to 12h30 and 2h30 to 6h30 pm
Sunday, 2 h 30 - 6 h 30 pm - Closed Mondays
Visits duration: 1 h / 1 h 15


24270 PAYZAC
Tel O5 53 62 50 06 & 05 53 52 75 59



Perigord Ecocenter

20 km - 20 mn

ecocentreThe Ecocentre is a place of information, demonstrations, experiments and training on environmental technologies in the building sector, energy, water and landscape.

Ecocenter visitecocentre1
The site can be visited with a guide, which you will appreciate the constructive details of a free tour leave in the shadows. These tours last about two hours. They are held every 2nd Saturday of the month at 15h from April to October inclusive. Simply present the ecocentre at 14:45.






Some breeders and producers invite you to visit their farm.
Operation and production methods will have no secrets for you!

Andrevias Farm : breeding goose, truffle and walnut trees

andrievas 2At sorges (15km - 15mn), Andrevias farm friendly offers to show you their passion and wealth of our gourmet heritage. The Meynard Family will show you all aspects of production:

  • Cereal crops necessary to feed the waterfowl.
  • The ranching on grassy.
  • Food corn.
  • The truffle and walnut groves.
  • Transformation without additive in accordance with local traditions and farm charter'' welcome to the farm.''
Free guided tournoyeraie

In July and August: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 18 am, visit the livestock, truffle and walnut trees, slide show presentation and tasting.

The rest of the year: Saturday by appointment

Famille Meynard - Andrevias - 24420 SORGES - Tél : 05 53 05 02 42 - Website


The Green perigord honey

Miellerie perigord 1

At Thiviers, production and sale of honey, pollen, royal jelly, wax candles, mead, honey vinegar ...

- Discover the life of the bee, the work of the beekeeper, a collection of old material
- Attend the honey extraction
- Enjoy different honeys in the region

Free Tour

In July and August, open on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 15 h 30

Robert Besse - Les Peyrières - 24800 THIVIERS - tél: 33 682 371 900



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