The High-Perigord observatory

Newton's telescope, supported by a cradle mount iron and astro-astronomic-Telesc-night horse has an optical conducted by Roger Mosser. The characteristics of the telescope (D = 450 mm, f = 2000 mm), making it one of the largest in the region.

At 270 meters, the observatory is located 4 km from Thiviers at Nantheuil. It enjoys a privileged location, because of its distance from lights Périgueux.

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By day

  • visit the observatory with comments on the operation of the telescope and the use of charts.

  • observation of sunspots, solar protuberances (using a H-alpha filter), solar eclipses, transits of the inner planets to the sun. 
  • open days and exhibitions at the observatory.

  • exhibitions in various places at various events (for example: Science Festival in October).
  • different workshops can be offered by the organizers of the club astro:

realization of sundials,
realization of a sky map,
introduction to the recognition of constellations,astro-Jupiter
realization of a model of the solar system
realization of a perpetual calendar,
understand the phases of the moon,
understand the colors of stars,
achieving water rockets.


By night

  • observation evenings

The evening begins, according to the public by a short slide show and / or an introduction to the recognition of constellations. In summer, the projection is on a giant screen (5 m basis for the Night of stars) or on a smaller screen according to the importance of the evening. We continue by observing the sky with binoculars and telescopes, the amount of portable devices is proportional to the number of hosts present.

  • astrophotography

The club has produced various photographs of the Moon, eclipses of the Moon, planets, transits of the Galilean satellites, and comets...





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