Foie Gras Museum
Truffle Museum
The House of Apple
Museum of Ceramics
Museum of the History of Medicine
Museum of Gold
Vesunna, Gallo-Roman Site & Museum
Museum of art and archeology of Perigord
Vine Museum
Chocolate Museum


maisonfoiegras01The Foie gras (fatty liver) museum in Thiviers will discover you 15,000 years of history that gave birth to this prestigious flagship of the French gastronomy.

Discover his career, the use of fat for the production of candied duck, breast and foie gras.


maison foie gras
Place Foch
24800 Thiviers

Tel : (33 0) 553 551 250




Truffle Museum in Sorges

Exploring the black diamond ...  (15km - 15mn)


The Truffle Ecomuseum in Sorges shows us all this knowledge about the truffle.

From this unique museum, you can walk on trails that crisscross the truffle and allows the visitor to approach the neophyte truffle, this mystery of nature that fascinates and delights the senses.




Le Bourg
24420 Sorges

Tél.: (33 0) 553 059 011



Apple Museum

maison pomme 1maisonpommes

The House of the Apple is a place to discover, games and surprises entirely devoted to the imagination of the universal fruit.

(18km -20mn)

Place Thomas-Robert Bugeaud

Tél : (33 ) 553 621 782



Museum of Ceramics in Thiviers

faience11En 1789 la faïencerie Dubourdieu fabriquait de 4 à 5000 pièces réputées pour la beauté de leur émail : Au XIXeme siècle, le rouge de Thiviers était particulièrement célèbre. En 1907, cette faïencerie disparut mais la fabrique Desmarthon créée en 1853 poursuivit ses productions jusque vers 1929 (tels les pots qui contenaient le baume de la Veuve Farnier).

Exposition dans les locaux de la mairie
Ouvert le samedi : 10h-12h et de 15h-18h



Musée d'Histoire de la Médecine à Hautefort

medecine(30km - 35mn)

The Old Hospice of Hautefort exudes a strength and an image haughty in this village of Dordogne.

Founded in 1669 by Jacques-François Marquis de Hautefort following a royal edict of Louis XIV of 1662 which called for the creation of provincial areas of poor reception, it remains a rare hospital foundation of this type.

medecine int

Since 1994, it houses a museum of medicine, with one hand on a historical part of life in this building (reconstruction of a sick room, exposed the political, economic and social of the seventeenth century ... ) and the other part of the history of medicine told through permanent and temporary exhibitions.

PLACE DE J-F DE HAUTEFORT - 24390 HAUTEFORT - Tél : (33 0) 553.504.027                   Website


Museum of Gold

or2(19km - 20mn)

As if it were any alchemy a little secret, Jumilhac Gold Gallery is installed near the castle in an old seventeenth chai... and invites you to discover the precious metal, its extraction to its use in jewelry, currency, industry or gilding.

In this country, gold mines have been exploited since the Gallic era, then fell into obscurity before being studied from the late nineteenth


During the 12 steps of the visit between legends, myths and history of great civilizations, gold is revealed to us in all its aspects ...

This gallery will as well dream adults and children that you will become true gold diggers with an introduction to gold panning in July and August.

The museum also has a gallery of restored turn of the century with rail, truck, forestay, lamp... various objects using gold mill, dishes, jewelry, dentistry, gold salts to gold therapy (to treat tuberculosis)...

Place du Château - 24630 Jumilhac-le-Grand - Tél. : (33 0) 553 525 543


VESUNNA,  Gallo-romain Site and Museum

vesunna(33 km - 35mn)

At the heart of the ancient city of Périgueux, in 1959, excavations have revealed the remains of a large house Gallo-Roman, the domus Vésone, richly decorated with murals. Occupied the first to the third century, this house was contemporary of the amphitheater and the Temple of Vesunna (Vesunna Tower) whose imposing ruins are still present in the museum park.vesonneThe house was arranged around a central garden. Rooms heated by hypocaust, kitchen, reception rooms, baths, testify to the wealth of its inhabitants.

A unique contemporary architecture:
A large umbrella hovering over the ancient walls it protects.

Since mezzanines that house collections, spectacular view opens on the archaeological remains (2400 m2). In addition, the high glass walls reveal the landscaped Tower Vésone and high rampart walls of the fourth century. Vesunna is like a window to the past buried under the modern city.

Parc de Vésone - 20, rue du 26e Régiment d'Infanterie - 24000 Périgueux - Tel: (33 0) 553 530 092    


Museum of art and archeology of Perigord

maap-ext(33 km - 35mn)

Museum of art and archeology of Perigord is, in the heart of the city, a great institution of the nineteenth and the first museum created in the Dordogne.
Rich with 33 500 references listed in its inventory, it has 2000m2 on permanent exhibition, a selection of the most remarkable pieces.
It offers a tour around the history of the visual arts from prehistory to the present day.

22 cours Tourny - 24000 Périgueux - Tel.: (33 0) 553 064 070


Lardimalie vinery : vine museum

Le-chai-de-lardimalie-2(40 km -38 mn)

A memorial that evokes the world of wine at the end of the nineteenth century and the life of Jules-Honoré Secrestat, the inventor of the first gentian aperitif...Le-chai-de-lardimalie-1 The museum is 1 500m2 discoveries. It also evokes the men who worked there until 1967...

Guided or self-guided tour with your family, a fun visit is proposed suitable for children (Booklets fun for 3-6 years, 7-10 years and 11-15 years).

Le Maine - 24330 Saint Pierre de Chignac - Tél : 33 553 354 496 - Website

Chocolate museum

sacfeves(57km - 55mn)

At Terrasson Lavilledieu, the chocolate museum you will discover all of this magical product : the chocolate!

You will discover the history of cocoa in Maya to large European course, work in cocoa plantations and harvesting pods, a greenhouse cocoa, the processing steps, the benefits of chocolate, flavors...

Children are introduced to the manufacture of chocolate with the creation of a moulding.

Tél : 33 553 515 736


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