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It is not for nothing that the Dordogne is known as the land of 1001 castles !

Random your walks, you can admire again and again ...
In Thiviers, you have five: Vaucocour, Filolie, Limagnes, Razac, Garinche but they are not be able to visit.

Here are a few castles around open to visitors:



Laxion Castle

5km - 5mnlaxion

This little gem of Renaissance is currently being reborn from its ashes. Indeed, despite the long neglected dreams of greatness for him that had its former owners, the castle Laxion slowly awakens from its deep sleep thanks to the dedication and courage of its current owners.

In July and August: MEDIEVAL JOUSTS camp with medieval falconry.




Château de Laxion
24800 Corgnac sur l'isle



Puyguilhem Castle

chateau-de-puyguilhem15km - 16mn

The castle built in the sixteenth century by La Marthonie Mondot, President of the Parliament of Paris, to be his second home, is interesting for its original design ranging from the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
The castle was bought almost ruined in 1938 by the state who expropriated the last owner who forsook completely. Twenty years of work were needed to restore it.

Château de Puyguilhem - 24530 Villars
Tél. : (33 0) 553 548 218
Public monument - Listed monument - The castle is open to visitors all year round



Jumilhac Castle

18km - 20mn

Overlooking the Valley Isle, Jumilhac Castle built in the twelfth century on a rocky outcrop, nicknamed "The Black Pearl", due to its roofs dating from the seventeenth century.
In the French Revolution, the castle was saved from destruction thanks to the mobilization of the inhabitants of the Jumilhac-Le-Grand.
Imposing and romantic gardens with superb terrace, Jumilhac Castle also served as location for the film "le pacte des loups" ("The Brotherhood of the Wolf").chateau-jumilhac02

chateau-jumilhacChâteau de Jumilhac - 24630 Jumilhac le Grand
Tél. : (33 0) 553 524 297
Public monument - Listed monument - The castle is open to visitors all year round



 Excideuil Castle

Chateau-excideuil117 km - 20 mnChateau-excideuil2

Much of the history of Excideuil, former stronghold, is intertwined with that of his castle. In 1096, the Barony of Excideuil belongs to the Viscount of Limoges Aymard IX. From this period dates the probable construction of the castle on a former stronghold checking for the route from Perigueux to Limoges. The original provisions remain on the south side, the two buildings, the gatehouse, and two great towers, the earliest date of the eleventh century. Historical monument, the castle can be visited in part: you can access the walls, the courtyard and pavilion entrance of the castle. Free admission all year.

Château d'Excideuil - 24160 Excideuil - Tél : 05 53 62 95 56


Bories Castle

chateau bories 128km - 25mnchateau bories 2

On the road to Perigueux, you can discover the "Château des Bories" that perfectly symbolizes the beginnings of the Renaissance in Perigord. At the edge of the Isle, it leads the visitor into the troubles of the 16th century ...
Open in July and August.

100 route de Limoges
24420 Antonne-et-Trigonant


Bourdeilles Castle

chateau-bourdeilles135km - 40mn

Stop for a day walker, this barony delight art and history lovers . Two castles from different periods, built on a rocky terrace raised a rampart overlooking the Dronne.chateau-bourdeilles0
The feudal fortress (XIII - XIV centuries) forms an enclosure with battlements pierced with mullioned windows. It is dominated by an octagonal keep single, 35 m high, with 4 floors and vaulted walls 2.40 m thick.

Château de Bourdeilles - 24310 Bourdeilles - Tél. : (33 0) 553 037 336


 Hautefort Castle

chateau-hautefort-exterieur35km - 40mn

CHATEAU-hautefortThe elegant silhouette of the castle Hautefort looming atop a plateau overlooking the valley of the Lourde and Bauze rivers and two tributaries of the Auvézère. This building furnished maintains a collection of furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries.

The medieval fortress, probably built on the site of a Roman camp turns into pleasure residence in the 17th century. Gradually abandoning its defensive apparatus for the approval of classical architecture, the castle reflects the rank and power of the Marquis de Hautefort. The castle and Hospice Hautefort are rare examples of classical architecture in Périgord.



Château de Hautefort
24390 Hautefort
Tél.: (33 0) 553 505 123



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